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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field


Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

Quality Always Comes First

Release time: 2010-06-09 Publisher: admin

At 8:30 of June 7th, 2010, Liangxin (Nader) hold a mobilization meeting for Quality Month activity in its headquarters in Shanghai. On the spot, all staff attended this meeting. General Manager Mr. Ren Silong addressed the opening speech.

"At the very beginning of doing pioneering work with 1 small plate and 7 persons, Liangxin (Nader) had one slogan: Quanlity is the foundation of survival and innovation is the root of development," Mr. Ren recalled. Today, Liangxin (Nader) has become a company with more than one thousand members. The aim of this slogan is still unchanging. “Only we have gurantted quality product, we can provide high quality and reliable products to customers, and the company can realise long-term development.” President Ren Silong said.
Mr. Liu Delin, Manager of Q.C. Department, introduced specific actions concerning each department during Quality Month, including holding morning assemblage every Monday, organizing trainings on learning procedures, arranging a series of seminars to raise rationalization proposals regarding quality. He stressed that good quality comes from production, not from testing. 
 “We’ll establish a long-lasting perfect system regarding rationalization proposals, and encourage every department to give quick response and pitch into actions regarding rationalization proposals.” said Mr. Zhou Weihua, supervisior of HR & Administration Department. There will be a prize essay-writing activity and rationalization proposals collection activity. Any suggestion or opinion which can help to improve quality may be adopted.