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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field


Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

Committed to The Green Smart Grid Construction, Nader Was A Shining Star at CIEEF 2010

Release time: 2010-10-30 Publisher: admin

From October 28th to 30th, 2010, China International Electrical EquipmentFair (CIEEF) was grandly staged at Nanjing International ExhibitionCenter. Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., LTD. (Nader), following its presence at the last edition of the fair in Tianjin, participated in the fair once again. At the 3-day event co-organized by China Electrical Equipment IndustrialAssociation (CEEIA) and Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, more than 400 exhibitors gathered under the same roof and showcased the latest development results of 秒速牛牛预测:the electrical equipment industry in China to nearly ten thousand visitors. With a focus on the latest equipment and technologies in construction of Smart Grid and new energy development in China, the event has provided a platform for exchange and transaction of latest technologies and products in the electrical equipment sector both at home and abroad.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the fair

The double-layer overhead structure makes Nader exceptionally eye-catching in the hall.

At the fair, Nader showcased its independently developed NDB3 series Hydraulic-magnetic Circuit Breakers. The product has won Top Ten Electric Innovation Award at the Fifth China Electrical Equipment Innovation and Development Forum held in Beijing not long ago. It was also the only one that won the award in the low-voltage electrical appliances industry. Meanwhile, Nader also exhibited its new product, NDW2-1600 series Air Circuit Breaker. It was an Intelligent Frame Circuit Breaker of the most advanced level in China, featuring compact size, high breaking capacity and full intelligence, with its breaking capacity topping all competitive products in China. The product has a multi-functional smart control unit characterized in accurate selection, and is used in power distribution and for protecting the circuit and electrical equipment from damages by overload, undervoltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding, etc. It is especially fit for improving power supply reliability in power distribution network to prevent unnecessary power failures and to meet the demand for control automation and intelligent power distribution.

In addition to displaying new products, Nader also exhibited its products in combination with five major industrial modalities by closely following industry developments. The company brought a refreshing experience to the visitors from its stand construction to on-site professional explanation, highlighting its top-end brand image. Mr. Gao, an experienced professionals in the electrical industry, talked with Nader’s technical engineer at the stand, and said: “I have used Nader’s products before. They are of very good quality. After an in-depth communication just now, I find its service is very considerate and fully meets our requirements. Nader’s profession, dedication and passion for the low-voltage electrical industry, have greatly inspired old electricians like me.”

Lu Yansun, honorary president for life of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association,is receiving an interview at the stand of Nader




The journalist noticed a few figures on the exhibition panel of Nader, which were quite eye-catching. Actually, these figures reflected Nader’s persistence, which the company has always been proud of: 40%, indicating its strict control of hazardous substances emission during production by 40% stricter than EU's RoHS standard, highlighting its stringent control of product quality; 5.5%, indicating Nader’s commitment of investing 5.5% of sales amount in independent R&D and technological innovation, so as to constantly satisfy customer demand; 105, indicating that Nader owns 105 patents till now, and is one of enterprises with the largest number of patents in China. These simple figures showed the deep commitments of Nader, as a national enterprise, for itself, customers and end users.
The 6th China Intelligent Electrical Forum (CIEF) was held concurrently with the event, under the theme of “Key technologies and industrial developments of smart grid”. Leaders and experts, including Yin Tianwen and Cai Zhongyong from Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Park from Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association attended the forum. Ning Jie, R&D technical director of Nader, the co-sponsor of the forum, delivered a keynote speech on “Smart Apparatuses: from Intelligentization to Intelligence” at the forum.
Dr. Ning made an analysis on the status quo of smart grid from the perspectives of self-organization, self-governing, security and global competitiveness, and prospected on the future development, based on which, he stated the development trend of low-voltage electrical appliances from intelligentization to intelligence. During an interview after the forum, Dr. Ning was asked about Nader’s innovations. He said: “We will carry out integration and modularization for existing low-voltage products based on the integrated architecture of Nader’s intelligent control system by relying on the technological development of smart grid. Moreover, we will use intelligent materials and structure to produce new low-voltage intelligent appliances of high reliability.”
Dr. Ning, R&D technical director of Nader, is giving a keynote speech.
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