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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field


Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

Wisdom to Perceive the Future | Nader 2016 Industry-Focused Development Forum

Release time: 2016-12-04 Publisher: By Nader



Wisdom to Perceive the Future - Nader 2016 Industry-Focused Development Forum



Nanjing, the ancient capital for six dynasties and the core city of the Yangtze River Economic Circle, has been full of charm.

On December 1, 2016, Nader "Wisdom to Perceive the Future - 2016 Industry-Focused Development Forum" kicked off at Fairmont Nanjing, by the Xuanwu Lake and the Qinhuai River. The forum invited more than 500 industry experts and business elites from Nanjing area including contracting and electrical installing company, power division, industry design institute, new energy industry EPC and equipment manufacturers, secondary power equipment manufacturers and electric power design institute to witness the glorious history of Nader and look to the prospects of industrial manufacturing and industry in Nanjing area.。





    Products including NDW3 series frame circuit breaker, NDQ3A series automatic change-over, NDC5K series vacuum contactor, NDM5 series molded case circuit breaker, NDG3 series isolating switch and NDB3F series electric energy meter were displayed.



    As a specialist in high-end low-voltage electrical system solutions, Nader is committed to providing specialized and differentiated system solutions, including building power distribution system solutions for residential construction and public and commercial buildings covering high-end business, hotels, hospitals, government projects and universities, and comprehensive system solutions for industrial and mining equipment, wind power system, string photovoltaic and data centers. It devotes itself to addressing customer pressure and challenges and obtaining competitive advantage.




    The forum attracted many industry customers to be present to exchange views with Nader technical staff on the cooperation model and product solutions for the low-voltage electrical equipment industry. Nader's user network has included many Top 500 companies in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China and many other regions and areas. With years of industry research and technology innovation, Nader is not only a specialized component supplier but also a service provider with leading technical capacity.。

[Guest Speakers addressed the Opening]


"As a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Nader, in the spirit of professionalism and focus, maintained sales and net profit growth of more than 20% in the first three quarters of 2016 in the poor industry environment. Nader owes its success to the cooperation and support of industry users and experts. We will provide more quality, safe and reliable, innovative and differentiated product solutions to contribute to the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry chain, better serve customers from all industries in Nanjing area and support the construction of east China."

                                                                        - Mr. Ding Fahui, Director and Executive Assistant of Nader


"With the promotion of regulatory policies, the real estate market has entered a "Silver Age" characterized by rational growth. Yincheng has never stopped its reflection and exploration of quality, service and green and maintained long-term collaboration with partners in the industry chain. Over the last 19 years, Nader has devoted itself to the production and manufacturing of low-voltage electrical components. We share similar demanding of product quality and pursuit of environmental. I believe that Yincheng will embrace a brighter future with support from such established and outstanding listed company like Nader."

                                                                               - Mr. Zhu Li, General Manager of Yincheng Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd.

[Wisdom to Perceive the Future - Nader Dialogue]

    After the address, Director of Strategic Marketing Department, National Marketing Director of Building Power Distribution Industry, National Marketing Director of New Energy and Industrial Control Industry, National Marketing Director of Energy Infrastructure Industry and Director of Customer Service Department of Nader presented "Nader Dialogue" with different themes.



    Low-voltage Electrical Products (China) Market and Nader Development Strategy - With global upgrading, the intelligent manufacturing-led low-voltage electrical products 4.0 has come, which imposes higher requirements on the technical reserves, market responsiveness, rapid R&D and other comprehensive strength of low-voltage electrical products suppliers. Nader will insist on the concept of lean manufacturing and make intelligent, communicating, networking and green technological progress to enhance its market competitiveness.

                                                                           - Mr. Wang Bo, Director of Nader Strategic Marketing Department



    Innovative Service Solutions for Low-voltage Distribution Box&& Distribution Panel——  in the Building Power Distribution Industry - Business competition should be a comprehensive competition for the whole value chain, which requires internal and external trust and reliance of industry segment. Eliminate all processes that adding no value to our customers and contribute to customer value through model innovation.

- Mr. Li Chuan, Nader National Marketing Director of Building Power Distribution Industry



    Differentiated System Solutions for New Energy and Industrial Control Industry - "Made in China 2025" inspires us to contribute to the construction of an ecological network with green and smart energy and transform "manufacturing" into "intelligent manufacturing".

 - Mr. Yu Xianzhong, National Marketing Director of New Energy and Industrial Control Industry



    Nader Low-voltage Product Solutions for Energy Infrastructure Industry - The further promotion of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle will bring a lot of infrastructure construction and upgrading of emerging equipment industry, as well as a substantial growth in low-voltage electrical equipment industry in terms of rail transit, municipal road and bridge construction, shipping, energy and power and data center.

      - Mr. Li Meng, Nader National Marketing Director of Energy Infrastructure Industry



    Nader Product Planning and Service Model - Insist on focus strategy, intensive cultivation and customer-orientation. Meet customer needs and reflect the value of Nader with minimum cost and transition from focusing on Nader's products to customer products and provision of product solutions.

 - Mr. Li Chenhui, Nader Director of Customer Service Department

[Experts Interpret Specialized Subject]

    We had the honor to invite two industry experts, who delivered speech themed on "Architectural Electrical Safety Protection Design Research" and "Wireless Power Transmission".



                              - Mr. Chen Ligui, Chief Engineer at Jiangsu Provincial Architectural D&D Institute and Vice President of Board of Supervisors, Building Electricity, The Architectural Society of China



                              - Professor Huang Xueliang, Director of Intelligent Power Technology Institute of Southeast University and Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Jiangsu Province Electrotechnical Society

2016 Year of Advances

Maintained a two-digit growthfor the first three quarters

Made appearanceat 3 Expos

Launched7industry solutions

Introduced31new products

    Nader will continue to focus on the field of low-voltage electrical products and adhere to the brand positioning of becoming the specialist in high-end electrical system solutions. It will insist on the philosophy of "driving R&D with customer demand and making constant technological innovations" to create value for customers and build a brighter future with customers from all industries.


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