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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field

Mr. Ren’s Story——Two High-Voltage Cables, Two Rules

Release time: 2017-06-15 Publisher: By Nader

May 20 is an ordinary day that cannot be more ordinary. However, in Chinese the number “520” sounds like “I love you”. This makes the day different, makes it a day full of love, a day to express love. After I got up in the morning, I sent a “520” red packet to my wife, to express my gratitude to her for running our home hard in the past year. Suddenly, I recalled a story about “love” told by Mr. Ren a few days ago.

A few days ago, an important customer visited our company. As our company’s President, Mr. Ren received the visitor in person. The customer and Mr. Ren had a cheerful talk. In the end, the customer asked Mr. Ren why he chose to found Nader in Shanghai. Mr. Ren thought deeply for a while. Then he told everyone present such a story!

“In 1998, I was still working for a large state-owned enterprise in Tianshui, Gansu. I was already the factory’s deputy manager. However, I was discontented with my life. I always wanted to start a business of my own. Finally, at the end of the year, I made up my mind to open my own company and produce the best low-voltage apparatus. Several my current founding partners and I decided to open our company in Shanghai. Back then, we were successful men in Tianshui. We had careers and families. However, our savings were not so big. Without money, what could we do? We had to sell our houses and convince our families to live with our relatives. My wife was supportive after hearing my ideas. We came to Shanghai and founded Nader, with our families’ support and the money we got by selling our properties. Therefore, our company’s startup capital in fact was all we had. Back then, we laid down two rules: first, no matter how big Nader will grow in the future, success or failure, no matter how rich we will become in the future, we will share with our families, we will always put our families in the first place; second, we found the business to develop and produce the best low-voltage apparatus, to realize our dreams, so no one can put the company’s money into his own pocket. Today, our company has its own values, its own corporate culture system. But my team and I have strictly abode by the two rules all the time. They have never changed, like two high-voltage cables in our heart. Today, my founding team and I still stick together. Everyone’s family has togetherness and warmth. We also want to bring such tender feelings to our company. As a result, care and integrity have become the main content of our core values. When we recruit employees and introduce talents, we always stick to the principle that we never recruit someone who doesn’t agree with our core values.”

Seeing us immersed in thought, Mr. Ren pulled his train of thought back from memories. He went on: “In fact, our ideas back then were simple. Our families supported us and were willing to face the risks and difficulties of starting a business together with us. Now they have accompanied us all the way. We should maintain and build our families well. We cannot live without money. However, we must make money by legal means. This is the baseline for a person’s morality. I always think it’s hard to cooperate with someone who doesn’t have the attachment to his family, doesn’t distinguish private interests from public interests, doesn’t have principle.” 

Mr. Ren also mentioned an episode. Once, our company invited a man to join Nader. His wife heard about the story of two high-voltage cables and supported him resolutely, saying she felt relieved to let him join Nader!

A benevolent man loves others, cultivates himself and puts his family in order. This is an old maxim that has been passed on for thousands of years in China. Isn’t the true meaning of “love others and put family in order” to love our parents, love our families, love others? To entrepreneurs, aren’t wealth and interests the lures that we find the most difficult to resist? Mr. Ren and Nader’s founding team have held fast to their faith and principles of values. As a result, they have led Nader to create glories step by step. Today, they also give us hope and expectations for the future.